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For decades, we’ve been getting crews, engineers and other workers to and from some of the world’s most remote and challenging environments, at sea and on land, safely and on time.

Our clients depend on the reassurance provided by HRG’s global network and centres of excellence – a rich vein of local knowledge, specialist technical expertise and understanding of every possible scenario. They rely on our complete support, 24/7, and the security of knowing that their personnel are in safe hands, wherever their work takes them. And they count on us to be ready to ramp up operations when major events, natural or man-made, threaten to push things off course.


We’re specialists in complex crew rotations, often pulling together crews from across the world at 24 hours’ notice, flying them in on special marine fares, transferring them to a vessel and tracking their whereabouts every step of the way, before getting the previous crew safely home.
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Oil & Gas

It might be conjuring flights and accommodation from nowhere for a crew needed on a fog-bound rig in the North Sea. Or arranging safe transport, hotels and payment for a crew travelling to a well in deepest Brazil.
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Our expertise and experience in travel to remote and often less-than-friendly locations extends to sites for renewable energy generation, such as offshore and remote wind farms.
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