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The HRG Experience

Wherever you work within HRG you will always be surrounded by likeminded people who value team work and take pride in what we do. We value the contribution that each of us makes towards the success of our company and are committed to further developing our employees to help realise their potential and build their career within HRG.

As a consequence, HRG has a large number of employees who have carved a career with HRG spanning twenty years or more. However, we welcome new people and value the expertise and different experience

they can bring. We are always keen to find innovative ways of improving what we do and to broaden our own knowledge and expertise. It is because of this commitment, focus on quality and the expertise of our staff that we ensure that we maintain our market leading position.

Being with the company has helped these HRG people towards their career goals and helped us to meet our business objectives in this fast changing environment.

Helping business travellers reach their destinations and be successful is what we love to do. And we employ the most experienced, most knowledgeable people in the business, all around the world, to do just that.

‘Our people’ is an over-used phrase. In our case though, it’s an appropriate one. Running through the company from our frontline service centres to our board directors is a core of the longest-serving, most dedicated and dazzlingly brilliant staff in the industry. People who live and breathe the business of making travel safer, less expensive and more efficient for our clients.

We go to great lengths to keep those most dedicated and talented people here at HRG.

Come and be one of us.

"I firmly believe that HRG is the best Travel Management Company to work for - our reputation in the industry is based on the quality of our staff and the quality of the service we deliver and that is firmly down to the culture of our company."

Susan Ward, General Manager